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A-34-01 FADP

Data Protection Act

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Transfer of customer data to the Department of Justice

Data protection to the rescue of the beneficial owner

The RGPD also protects the banking data of legal entities when the beneficial owner objects to the transfer of the data to the Department of Justice (judgment no. 141/23-II-CIV of 6 December 2023 of the Luxembourg Superior Court of Justice). A person holds bank accounts with the Luxembourg branch of a Swiss bank. He is also the beneficial owner of a company which has two bank accounts with this branch. Another company, of which the customer's ex-wife and son are[...]

Cyber attacks

New reporting obligation takes shape

From 1 January 2025, banks, insurance companies and financial market infrastructures will have to report cyber attacks to the Federal Office for Cyber Security (FOCS) within 24 hours. The Federal Council has just put out to consultation the draft ordinance that implements art. 74a ff of the Federal Act on Information Security (obligation to report cyber attacks). As we explained earlier (see Hirsch,, banks will now have to inform the OFCS in the event of a cyber attack. The[...]

FINMA's Watchlist

Limits to the right of access under the aDPA

Obtaining the relevant extracts from the database needed to assess FINMA's guarantees of irreproachable activity (formerly Watchlist) is a real crossroads for an employee who has temporarily given up exercising an activity subject to FINMA. The Federal Administrative Court (FAT) has confirmed that art. 8 aLPD (now art. 25 LPD) does not allow access to the documents that justified inclusion on the Watchlist to the same extent as in a genuine procedure on the merits to determine whether an individual[...]

Right of access

An abuse of rights against the family office

The right of access under the DPA is abused when a person invokes it against a family office to obtain information concerning a trust and the financial situation of his father (ACJC/1610/2023). A very wealthy Italian businessman has a family office in Geneva, which performs various services for his daughter. Payments to her were made from the father's account. The father tells the family office that his daughter has a budget limit of EUR 100,000 per month. The daughter receives[...]

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