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The Materiality of Sustainability Information under Capital Markets Law

This paper explores the legal concept of the materiality of sustainability-related information under Swiss capital markets law. References to international standards, as well as EU and U.S. provisions, are also made with a view to highlighting the increasing importance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects in the law and regulation of capital markets. We primarily focus on the categories of sustainability information that can be considered financially material, i.e. they have to be made available to investors so that they are able to make informed investment decisions. We assess the potential legal and regulatory consequences of the financial materiality of sustainability-related information under Swiss law. Emphasis is laid on the ad hoc disclosure regime, the prohibition of insider trading as well as the liability for disseminating false and misleading sustainability information.

Revue suisse de droit des affaires et du marché financier, 2023, vol. 95, no. 1, p. 44-59

Algorithm-driven information gatekeepers : conflicts of interest in the digital platform business models

This chapter of the book edited by Joseph Lee and Aline Darbellay explores the increasing adoption of platform business models in the banking and financial sector. Digital platforms operate in two-sided markets where they deal with both users of content and commercial customers that have diverging interests. This study examines how the law and regulation shall apprehend the related issue of conflicts of interest. It is argued that digital platforms perform a gatekeeping function by playing a role as information intermediaries. Challenges are posed to corporate governance. Amending the legal and regulatory framework is necessary to the extent that existing mechanisms fail to protect important stakeholders that are beneficiaries of information.

in: Joseph Lee and Aline Darbellay (eds), Data governance in AI, FinTech and LegalTech: law and regulation in the financial sector. - Cheltenham, UK, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2022. - p. 79-99