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Olivier Thormann

After obtaining a PhD at the University of Basel, Olivier Thormann started his career in the federal office of justice (DOJ) as member of the negotiation team for international treaties in the field of legal mutual assistance. He subsequently worked for 10 years as an investigating judge in the canton of Fribourg, with a focus on White Collar Crimes.

In 2011 he joined the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) where he was initially in charge of the legal mutual assistance department and later on of the White Collar Crime Departement. In his later capacity as head he overviewed the strategies and fundamental decisions taken by the prosecutors working in Bern, Zürich, Lugano and Lausanne. He also implemented Task Forces with several prosecutors for the coordinated and efficient investigation in the context of complex cases, such as “Petrobras”, “1 MDB” and the “Football-related” cases. As all negotiated solutions presupposed his involvement, these activities have also been an important part of his work at the OAG. Since 2019 he serves as an appellate Judge of the Federal Criminal Court. Olivier Thormann also teaches WCC at the Fribourg University as a Lecturer and in several Post-Graduate Programs at other Universities.