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Development and post-crisis reforms of the Basel Capital Standards

Guest Lecture (in English) by Daniel Zuberbühler, former CEO of the Swiss Federal Banking Commission SFBC, former Vice-chairman of FINMA, representing SFBC and FINMA in the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision from 1996 to 2010.

Daniel Zuberbühler will explain in two sessions of 90 minutes how the Basel Capital Standards started in 1988 and how they developed to become the 616 pages all encompassing international capital standards “soft law” of today. He will address the shortcomings of Basel 3 and comment on the ongoing discussion on the right level of capital for global international banks.

The entrance is free of charge, the number of seats is limited to 70, first come first served, with priority to CAS Financial Regulation students and alumni. If you want to make a reservation please send an email to

This lecture is organized and hosted by CAS Financial Regulation, by the University of Bern Department of Economics and by the Centre de droit bancaire et financier.